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NPC advocates credible and acceptable Election 2020

  14 Novembre      9        Politique (13066),


Aburi, (E/R), Nov. 14, GNA – The National Peace Council (NPC) has called for free and credible Election 2020 that reflects the will of Ghanaians.

Loss of confidence in the electoral processes and results, Mr George Amoh, the Executive Secretary of the NPC, noted could lead to or stimulate political violence and plunged the nation into chaos.

He, therefore, called on the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure transparency, build consensus and remain firm in their convictions to safeguard the credibility and integrity of the December 7, polls.

Mr Amoh made the call during a media training session on media action for conflict-sensitive reporting and against hate speech held at Aburi in the Eastern region.

The Ghana Journalists Association with support from the Star Ghana Foundation and its partners organised the one-day training session in line with a five-month Election 2020 project being implemented by the Association.

It was attended by Journalists, social media influencers, and political par
ty commentators.

« Transparency, openness, and dialogue must be critical features that should guide the electoral management body to facilitate free, fair, and credible elections accepted by all parties », Mr Amoh stated.

All political parties and candidates must so be given equal and fair opportunities to participate in the general election, he added.

He indicated concerted efforts were required from the police, media, political parties, EC, and all stakeholders to guarantee the integrity of the elections.

Mr Amoh said the media could prepare the minds of the people towards peaceful elections because of their larger audiences and asked them to be mindful and sensitive with traditions, values, and ethnic variations of people in covering the elections.

Mr Prince Hari Crystal, Board Member of the National Media Commission noted the use of indecent language in the political space threatened democracy and entreated the media to guard against that in order not to wrongly inflame people’s passion and trigger political violence.

« The media must not re-fuel hate speech because it spreads incite, intolerance, hostilities and increase polarization that breaks down social cohesion », he explained

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