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Only 30 per cent sewer users are on TMA’s database

  15 Septembre      16        Technologie (465),


Tema, Sept. 15, GNA – The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) has disclosed that only 30 per cent of sewer users in the Metropolis are currently on its database and therefore pay maintenance fee to the Assembly.
Mr Frederick Doe, Tema Metropolitan Finance Officer, said it meant, about 70 per cent of the sewer users were not paying anything to the Assembly.
Mr Doe disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in Tema on the side-lines of a debriefing meetings between the Assembly and a three-member technical team from Aarhus in Denmark who were in the Metropolis to study the local dynamics of existing waste water infrastructure in Tema.
It will then develop an agreed operational and maintenance plan for the implementation of the Tema Urban Waste Water Management project.
He noted that the Assembly was saddled with the cost of the routine maintenance of the Tema Central Sewerage system, which was not in good shape to ensure that residents and other users enjoyed the service.
He expressed optimism that the Strategic Sector Cooperation which formed part of the waste water management project, would help the TMA update its database by capturing all users and in effect increase revenue.
The Finance Officer added that with a more efficient system the project would help put in place, the TMA would be able to mobilize the needed revenue for the effective management of the sewer system.
Mr Doe therefore appealed to Assembly members, opinion leaders, and all residents in Tema to cooperate with the data collection teams that had been deployed into the pilot zones.

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