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Parents must keep a firm eye on children – Irbard Ibrahim

  8 Avril      11        Société (31117),


By Robert Anane, GNA

Accra, April 8, GNA – Mr Irbard Ibrahim, a security expert and analyst, has asked parents to keep a firm eye on children so they do not fall victim to crime.

It was also important for children to inform their parents and guardians on their movements in order not to fall prey to ill intended people, he said.

Mr Ibrahim, who was interacting with the Ghana News Agency on the alleged murder of a 10-year-old boy by two teenagers for money rituals, said parents ought to strive to ensure the wellbeing of their children.

Society needed to take a look at going back to the « good old » closely knit family system, which included extended family members in an active way, and ensured that everyone was taken care of, he said.

Mr Ibrahim said such closely knitted family systems ensured that children, who lacked, were catered for by capable relatives.

That ensured that more children grew into responsible adults and in effect, resulted in a society that was more crime-free and safer to live in, he said.

The security expert said state institutions such as the National Commission for Civic Education and the Department of Social Welfare also had a crucial role to play in ensuring that all children had the right nurturing so they could grow into responsible and productive adults.

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