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Pharmacy Assistant, 74, in court over sex with minor

  28 Janvier      18        Justice (1059),


Accra, Jan 28 GNA – A 74-year old Pharmacy Assistant accused of having sex with a 13 year old girl at Chorkor, a suburb of Accra has appeared before an Accra Circuit Court.
Stephen Okuley Nii Tetteh, charged with defilement, pleaded not guilty.
Tetteh was admitted to bail in the sum of GHC 60,000.00 with two sureties, who are to be public servants earning not less than GHC 2,500.00 monthly.
The court presided over by Mrs Christina Cann adjourned the trial to February 15.
Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Kofi Atimbire said the complainant is a fishmonger and mother of the victim.
Chief Inspector Atimbire said both the complainant and victim as well as the accused live in the same house at Galilee-Chorkor.
Prosecution said Tetteh who is fond of sending the victim on errands and has been giving her monetary rewards for the service.
Prosecution said the accused took advantage of this situation and was secretly having sexual intercourse with the victim at the blind side of the complainant.
The Prosecution said on January 25, this year, the complainant came back from town and did not see the victim in the house.
He said the being worried of the victim’s absence, the complainant searched everywhere in the area for the victim but to no avail.
Chief Inspector Atimbire said the complainant received information later that the accused person came and called the victim.
The prosecution said the complainant then went straight to the accused person’s door and called the victim several times but there was no response.
Prosecution said the complainant then opened the door leading to the accused person’s porch and entered.
He said as soon as the complainant proceeded to the sitting room and called the victim’s name again, the accused person hurriedly came out from his bedroom pulling his shorts up and picked up a remote control and started pressing it.
According to the Prosecution when complainant asked the accused where her daughter was the accused in turn asked her to go and search for her daughter if indeed the victim was in his room.
Mr Atimbire said the complainant then saw the cloth which the victim had wrapped around her waist when she left her in the house earlier, in the accused’s sitting room.
Hwe said the complainant at this point knowing very well the accused person had hidden the victim somewhere in the room, entered his bedroom, saw the victim’s pants and shorts lying in the bedroom.
He said the complainant searched there until she saw the victim hiding under the accused’s bed with her top dress rolled up and not wearing any pants.
Prosecution said the complainant pulled the victim from under the bed and wrapped the victim’s waist with her cloth found at the accused’s bedroom and went to the Chorkor Police Station to lodge a complaint.
Prosecution said a medical report form was issued to the complainant to send the victim to the hospital for treatment and the accused subsequently charged.

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