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Pres. Weah Lauds Lofa Citizens For Confidence In His Leadership, CDC

  17 Septembre      10        Politique (12129),


MONROVIA, Sept. 16 (LINA) – President George Manneh Weah has lauded the people of Lofa County at home and abroad for the confidence reposed in him and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to lead the country to the heights of development.

Addressing a throng of Lofa citizens September 12 in Monrovia, the Liberian leader dispelled notions and misconceptions harbored by some Lofians and opposition political figures that he has turned his back on the county as reprisal for not voting him overwhelmingly during the 2017 presidential election.

The President underscored his love for the county and its people as manifested in the appointment of and support to a plethora of Lofians in Government and his development plans earmarked for the county.

The Liberian Chief Executive clarified that he neither harbors an iota of bitterness for nor plans to ostracize Lofa County from his government’s development agenda.

Dr. Weah regretted his inability to visit Lofa County since his election but was also quick to indicate that that is not unique to the county because he has not visited most upcountry counties if not all due to the advent of COVID-19 and pressing presidential duties.

The President encouraged Lofians not to get carried away by the country’s current acidic politics, noting that no matter how low the votes he got from Lofa were, he was satisfied and appreciative because the Lofa votes contributed to the aggregate percentage of 61.5 which he won nationally.

“Don’t be thrilled by the politics of the day where people say only 14 counties voted for me, excluding Lofa. This is not true because I have record that the people of Lofa voted for me,” the President said.

He added: “I am appreciative that the people of Lofa voted for me. I may not get all the votes from Lofa, but I got some votes from there.”

The Liberian leader indicated that it was inconceivable and inappropriate for any good political leader to relate to any group of people based on how they voted in elections.

“As a patriotic citizen and leader, I am aware that all Liberians deserve to be treated equally despite their political, religious and regional or tribal backgrounds,” the President said further, stressing: “So, my people of Lofa, please do not entertain those cheap gossips and misinformation.”

He added: “I want to say to you my people, gossip has not changed anything for the good. It only brings problem, division and war.”

The President informed the assembly of elders, chiefs and youth from different sections of Lofa that his administration would continue to brave the age-old development challenges Liberia faces so that much is concretely done to change and transform the country for the good of all citizens without exception.

President Weah said he was not interested in too much politics and talking, but rather concerned about developing the country, noting, “When the time for politics comes, I will talk. For now, I am focused on bringing more development to Liberians no matter where they reside and which politician they like.”

“I don’t claim to be righteous and infallible but I try my best at all cost to follow the precepts of the Bible and Quran to some reasonable extent. l learned to be kind and to respect people,” the Chief Executive noted, pointing out that “I even respect those who go against me because no one can change me from who I am.”

Commenting on the ongoing developments nationwide, the Liberian leader said if Lofa County as the bread basket of Liberia is not developed, the rest of the country will not develop.

He told Lofians that development is a process that takes time to realize.

As part of the government’s road development plan for Lofa, President Weah said he has been doing all he could to develop major road corridors in the county, particularly the main Lofa route.

He revealed that Government has already ratified the agreement intended to begin the second phase of the Lofa Road Project from Salayea to Voinjama, while being in talks with partners for the third phase of the project that links Voijama to Manikoma with a paved road.

Speaking earlier at the meeting, the citizens of Lofa thanked President Weah for the able manner in which he is steering the affairs of the state and urged him not to pay attention to the distractions and political machinations intended to divert his plans for the country.

They particularly extolled the Liberian leader for the confidence he has reposed in several sons and daughters of the county to serve in the CDC-led government.

The Lofa citizens used the gathering to appeal to President Weah to ensure their roads are constructed to end the suffering they endure in travelling to and from the county.

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