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Psychological first aid needed to combat Covid-19 – Psychologist

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Tamale, March 19, GNA – Mr Peter Mintir Amadu, a Clinical Psychologist at Total Life Enhancement Centre Ghana (TOLEC GH), has proposed the need for health officials to provide psychosocial support services to the citizenry to curb the anxiety about the coronavirus (Covid-19), for communities with recorded cases.
He said the virus has created fear and panic among some members of the public, which he noted, could hinder its fight.
Mr Amadu, who is also the Executive Director of TOLEC GH, therefore, called on health experts to provide psychological support to especially persons who have been quarantined and the citizenry at large, in order to help stop the anxiety, fear and panic to help manage the virus from spreading.
He made the proposal when TOLEC GH equipped staff of ORCAS Global, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), with skills to manage stress, emotions and other mental health related issues, in Tamale.
“A constant stream of news reports about the virus can cause anyone to be anxious or distressed. Quarantine triggers feeling of hopelessness and loneliness, which makes it difficult for a person to gain self-confidence”, he said.
“It is therefore, important that we get help from health professionals for us to manage stress and ensure our psychological and physical wellbeing”, he added.
That, he noted, would help to inculcate self confidence among individuals, adding that it would help to combat the situation in the country.
He advised the citizenry not to neglect the precautionary measures outlined by health experts, “and this is the surest way we can prevent and protect ourselves from contracting the virus”.
Touching on stress and emotional management, he advised the participants to undertake regular exercise, eat balanced diet, have enough leisure time, amongst others to help them overcome any psychological problems.
Mr Bede Anyoka, Chief Executive Officer of ORCAS Global, expressed gratitude to the management of TOLEC GH for the intervention to help the staff adjust to their line of work.
He appealed to relevant organizations to help deepen mental health advocacy by emulating the example of TOLEC GH in the effort to enhance productivity amongst corporate bodies.
“As an agro-based NGO, the engagement has offered us the opportunity to also empower women and the youth in agriculture in rural areas on the need to seek help in times of mental distress so as to help them increase their productivity and improve on their living standards”, he added.

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