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PUL Condemns ‘Threat’ Against Three Journalists In Bassa

  12 Octobre      9        Société (24072),


MONROVIA, Oct. 10 (LINA) – The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) says it is concerned about reported threats against three journalists in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

In a communication to the PUL recently, one of the journalists concerned, Christopher Yarwoe of Magic FM, said trusted sources have informed them of plans by unknown individuals to go after the three of them due to their critical and independent reporting on the Special Senatorial Election processes.

Journalists who are reportedly being targeted are Radio Manager, Christopher Yarwoe, Broadcast Supervisor, Zahn Dehdyugar both of Magic FM, and the Chief Executive Officer of Ableejay Online Television, Elton Tiah.

Yarwoe’s information revealed that Magic FM and Ableejay TV, and their three journalists, are on the radar of the yet unknown local gang for elimination.

Journalist Yarwoe did not name those who have paid the unknown local gang to ‘deal’ with the three journalists including him.

Magic FM runs a critical show, “Inside the Media” which dissects the political and governance climate of Grand Bassa on Saturdays, with Elton Tiah as a regular analyst on the show to scrutinize the news of the week.

The Press Union of Liberia is urging the local authority of Grand Bassa to provide security for the journalists amid the probe commissioned by Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh while urging politicians and all consumers of media contents in Liberia to be tolerant in contributing to open societal discourse, which is tied to democratic development.

Meanwhile, the PUL is urging all journalists to refrain from endorsement of candidates in the mid-term senatorial elections and stop campaigning as doing so will impede their credibility and make them susceptible to violence.

Also, the Press Union of Liberia has condemned as disgusting, Senate Secretary Nanblor F. Singbeh attack on last Wednesday against FrontPage Africa Judicial Reporter, Augustine T. Tweh.

Reporter Tweh had photographed Secretary Singbeh who had gone to court at the Temple of Justice to answer to an indictment brought against him by two Czech nationals, Pavel and Martin Miloschewshy.

Journalist Tweh was publically assaulted multiple times by Mr. Singbeh demanding that his photo be deleted from the reporter’s camera.

According to eyewitnesses, Singbeh was seen hitting the journalist in his chest, demanding the reporter to remove his photos from the camera, which the journalist declined to do

The Press Union of Liberia sees the latest attack as “shameful and rooted in intolerance, especially from a man who has a background in journalism.”

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