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Residents Concerned About Abandoned Of 4 Clinics In Cape Mount

  27 Août      14        Société (23118),


SINJE TOWN, Aug. 26 (LINA) – Residents of four towns in Grand Cape Mount County have expressed concern about the abandonment of four clinics that are under construction in their areas.

The four towns are Jahja Town in Garwula District, Saywu Town in Tewor District, Vahkenway Town and Butter Hill both in Porkpa District.

Speaking to some residents on Tuesday, August 25, in the areas where the clinics are located, they indicated that they are frustrated by the prolonged abandonment of these health facilities, while the locals continue to suffer from critical health conditions.

The residents said due to the lack of functional clinics in those towns, they have to travel several miles to carry their sick relatives to clinics.

They added that during the early stage of the construction, they used to regularly carry on general cleaning around the facilities, but noted that the continuous abandonment of the construction work has made them unwilling to keep on clearing the bushes around the clinics.

According to a survey conducted by a local non-governmental organization, the District Platform for Dialogue, along with a group of journalists, the clinics constructed in those towns have been abandoned for years with no sign that these facilities will be opened soon for use.

The residents are, therefore, appealing to the county authority and the national government to complete construction of the clinics and turn them over to the Grand Cape Mount County Health Team so that their health needs can be met.

The construction of the clinics in Jahja Town, Saywu Town, Vahkenway Town and Butter Hill were initiated in 2014 through the Grand Cape Mount County Development Fund but are yet to be fully functional.

The four clinics were completed and only awaiting dedication, which has not been done since 2014, but due to their prolonged abandonment, most parts of the clinics have been partially damaged.

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