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Rural dwellers still doubt COVID-19 virus

  27 Janvier      18        Santé (9538),


Adaklu Ahunda (V/R), Jan. 27 GNA – Most people in the rural areas still doubt the existence of the COVID-19 disease.
Some contended that it is a ploy by governments the world over to curtail the freedom of their citizens.
This was gathered by the Ghana News Agency when it interviewed some celebrants at Adaklu Ahunda in the Adaklu district of the Volta region to find out from them why most of them were not wearing nose masks and not maintaining social distance during the thanksgiving service organised by the Chiefs and people of Adaklu Ahunda in honour of Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. (Rtd) Bliss Divine Agbeko of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana over the weekend.
A woman who identified herself only as Martha told the GNA that she doubted the existence of the virus and that it was just to create fear and panic among the populace.
She said even if the disease was real, Christians needed not panic because they were covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Mr. Gabriel Kwadzogah, a native of one of the Adaklu communities and a farmer, questioned the rationale behind wearing the nose mask all day long, adding, « Why should we not have the freedom to breathe. »
But Ms Mavis Amedzorku, a Midwife at the Community Health Planning and Service (CHPS) Compound at Adaklu Kodzobi affirmed the existence of the disease.
« We should not be ‘doubting Thomases to be attacked by COVID-19 and have a feel of its devastating effect before believing its existence, » she warned.
Ms Amedzorku said everybody was a potential carrier of the disease and that it was not only those in the cities that were at risk.
She advised those in rural communities to also observe all the safety protocols, especially washing of their hands under running water and wearing their nose masks anytime they wanted to go out.

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