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Santa Cruz: Farmers Association in Ribeira dos Picos defends that betting on water mobilization has to be on desalination

  22 Juillet      2        Environnement/Eaux/Forêts (2100),


Pedra Badejo, Jul 22 (Inforpress) – The president of the Farmers’ Association in Ribeira dos Picos (Agri-Várzea Nova), in Santa Cruz, Benjamim Mendes, defended Monday that betting on water desalination is the best option to fight the drought.
The official made these statements to Inforpress, in Santa Cruz, in an interview to talk about the farmers’ situation in Ribeira dos Picos, through which he alerted on the problem of brackish water.
“I think that desalinating sea water is the only solution because there is little rain and less and less,” he said, adding that water is increasingly scarce. According to him, there is land to work, but water is lacking. In his opinion, there must be the mobilization of resources, but also raise awareness among farmers, in order to make farmers to choose the forms of production and intelligent irrigation.
“Having a dam is something beneficial because we gain a lot, but betting on desalination and drip irrigation would be an asset”, he observed, stressing that all this creates conditions to have products to supply the whole country.

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