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Six Notorious Gangsters Jailed On Multiple Charges

  20 Janvier      23        Société (29534),


MONROVIA, Jan. 19 (LINA)   – Six members of a notorious gang called “Kubah” have been arrested, charged, and forwarded to the Monrovia City Court following the alleged stabbing of a peaceful citizen  at a local entertainment center in Duport Road community on December 16, 2020.

They were pickup by the Liberia National Police on January 7, 2021 following a tip-off by complainants Daniel Davis and the manager of Suthag Margarita, McDonald Iriruage, where the incident took place.

Those arrested, charge, and forwarded to the Monrovia Central Prison are Emmanuel Borbordee. Alex Kollie alias 52, Varney Kiazolu alias Azonzo, Morris Bah, Emmanuel Tokpa, Boaikai Boyce, Wallah Gibson, Nicole Peters, and others to be identify.

Among the seven names that surface and were arrested, only six men were forwarded to the Monrovia City Court, and placed on the criminal bench for over three hours, for onward prosecution for the crimes of criminal contempt to commit murder, criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and armed robbery.

 The notorious gang group Kubah men were seen at the Seny bar and entertainment center along with their head Azonto having drinks and Daniel Davis commonly known as DMX along with his friend were also at the same entertainment center having drinks too.

Police charge sheet stated that while in the process of drinking, victim Davis’ friend mistakenly hit the foot of the head of the gang, prompting serious arguments between them, and when victim Davis went stop the row, defendant Azonto took out a long knife and cut stabbed him under his neck.

Police charge also revealed that during that process, victim DMX tried to escape but was chased by the gangsters in the presence of a police officer who was at the entertainment center when the incident took place.

Police charge sheet asserted that there were live bullets fired and single barrel shot guns, while knives and cutlasses were also used on the complainant.

Police charge indicated that several valuables were missing from the victim along with the owner of the entertainment center, including money, phones, bottles of wines, and a lot of assorted drinks.

The defendants were informed with their constitutional rights, thoroughly investigated and subsequently charged with the criminal offences.

Meanwhile, the defendants are currently remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison while awaiting court trial.

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