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Small Arms Body Opens Window For Weapon Turnover

  13 Septembre      53        Securité (2581), Société (42353),


GBARNGA, Sept. 12 (LINA) – The National Commission on Small Arms (NCSM) has opened a window for the turning over illegal weapons in the communities, and local officials in Bong County have committed themselves to serve as ambassadors in line with the police.

Climaxing a two-day workshop in Gbarnga over the weekend with local officials, including paramount chiefs, zonal heads, the media, trade unions and religious bodies, among others, NCSM Commissioner, Mr. Amos Kollie, encouraged the participants to spread the information in their respective communities by being ambassadors who will work with the Liberia National Police.

Kollie further admonished the participants to report cases regarding illegal weapons and small arms to the police without an arrest made in order to make the communities safe and peaceful.

The African Amnesty Month, which he interpreted as « a window » the commission has opened up to December this year, is aimed at ensuring that all illegal weapons, including small arms, are turned over by community members to the police without any arrest.

« This gathering is represented by many institutions, including women groups, motorcycle union, the media, and churches, among others. and I hope that as you return to your communities from here, and the message will resonate with the people that they report illegal weapons to their community structures, » Mr. Kollie said.

The two-day activity was held under the theme: « Silencing The Guns, » with participants drawn from the 13 political districts of Bong County, including Kokoya Statuary District.

Meanwhile, for their part, the participants committed to serve as ambassadors in their communities by calling town hall meetings to disseminate the message from the commission, encouraging residents to report cases regarding small arms without any arrests made.

Madam Elizabeth Malayea attended as Zone Head of Brooklyn Community in Gbarnga; Sam B. Elder as President of the Motorcycle Transport Union, among other officials, admitted that little did they know that it is dangerous to have people possessing illegal weapons, including small arms, in the community, but the workshop has brightened their minds on the issue.

The workshop observed that several murder cases being handled by the Liberia National Police in Bong County have been the result of illegal possession of small arms by community dwellers.

Sylvester W. Korwor, Bong County Correspondent

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