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Sparkassenstiftung partners Educata 2020 to promote entrepreneurship in Ghana

  23 Octobre      32        Economie (12327),


Accra, Oct. 23, GNA—The Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation has participated in the 2020 educational exhibition which offers a meeting point for stakeholders in education as well as promoting entrepreneurship in Ghana.
This year’s Educata Ghana exhibition provided an opportunity for development training especially in the area of Entrepreneurship.
Sparkassenstiftung is one of the key partners alongside Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK GHANA), Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and the Siemens Stiftung for the EducataGhana2020 programme.

This was made known when the Ghana News Agency took part in the activities of the exhibition in Accra.

Sparkassenstiftung organized three sessions of business training using their flagship Micro Business Simulation games, which is an innovative interactive learning experience.

The Micro Business Game is a highly interactive training for micro-entrepreneurs and for all people who want to learn in practice how the success and sustainability of start-ups and small businesses could be improved.
They also had an exhibition booth where staff interacted with the participants, educating them about the three main projects Sparkassenstiftung implemented in Ghana, which are the Regional, Migration and the Education and Training Projects.
There were other activities such as a savings quiz wheel where participants got the opportunity to answer questions on savings, budgeting and investments, and had the chance to win branded items with the highlight being an economic and sustainable savings coconut piggy.
To crown the event, an innovation challenge was organized in search of ground-breaking tech-based ideas which offered financial education to youth partners of Sparkassenstiftung in rural and semi-urban areas.
At the end of the contest, three winners were awarded and were given the chance to further develop their ideas into full scale projects.
The Marketing and Communications Manager of Sparkassenstiftung, Ms. Naa Kwaduah Quarcoo, told the GNA that Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation was the development-policy arm of the SparkassenFinanzgruppe. Its task was to disseminate the successful Sparkasse model across regional borders and around the globe.
It also enabled people in developing countries and emerging economies to access financial services. Its main focus, however, was on six thematic priority areas designed to foster financial inclusion, which were capacity development, financial literacy, rural finance, green finance, MSME finance and institution building.
Sparkassenstiftung’s work is guided by the principles of partnership-based cooperation in a spirit of mutual trust, the transfer of key success factors from the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and the implementation of practice-oriented solutions.
In each region, Sparkassenstiftung identifies opportunities, and with a focus on its six core topics, those projects were implemented.

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