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Startup entrepreneurs encouraged to face their fears

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By Samira Larbie, GNA

Accra, June 30, GNA – Mr Derrick S.Vormawor, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Platinum Africa Solutions Limited, has advised startup entrepreneurs to face their fears to enable them to succeed.

He said fear is a challenge most people face in the entrepreneurship world and the needed to overcome it to achieve their purpose.

Mr Vormawor was speaking at TimeOut with Heroes, an annual skills development workshop in Accra organised by CityLife Management, to create a platform for graduates and graduating students to engage with seasoned entrepreneurs.

The event addressed issues across all fields, including media, aviation, corporate business, agricultural investment, events Management among others.

He said a lot of people have lost their clout to decide who they want to become in life because of the fear of losing.

« You don’t need to be afraid to pursue what you want in life, » he said.

He said people have to believe that it was time for a new phase in their lives irrespective of their field and start giving off their best to the world.

Fear, he said was something that was stopping a lot of ideas from coming to life and urged startup entrepreneurs to make that bold move so that they can live their dreams.

He said a lot of people think success was all about the amount of money available them or the number of cars one owns but it was about the number of lives impacted.

Mr Vormawor advised entrepreneurs to rather let fear inspire them to take bold steps and pursue their dreams.

Mr John Appiah, the CEO of League-A Consult, President and Co-Founder Africa Youth Development Chamber, said attending school and acquiring all the degrees in the world does not guarantee one’s success in life but rather requires three key things.

He said to be a successful entrepreneur one needed excellent communication skills irrespective of one’s profession in other to make an impact.

Also one needed to be a critical thinker, a problem solver and exercise their ability to think and reason for the success of their business and above all be conscious of time management.

He said this was very critical because what one exchanges their time for was what they become eventually.

Mr Sadiq Mensa-More Adjeivi, a Creative Designer, EIB Network and Chief Executive Officer the Hype Global, said to be a successful entrepreneur one have to be aggressive with all their might and intellect.

He advised that people have a mindset on how to go about things, have a personal relationship with God, get their ideas working when it comes to them without wasting time.

« The power of positive thinking no matter the situation is also apt »je added.

He said to be an entrepreneur was challenging but one had to be persistent in other to be successful.



30 June 18

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