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Tema District Council of Labour holds General Meeting and election

  12 Septembre      8        Société (23006),


By Alexander Nyarko Yeboah, GNA
Accra, Sept. 12,GNA-The Tema District Council of Labor (TDCL) has held a general meeting for labour unions in Tema to take stock  of their activities for the past four years and forge a common cause for the future.
The meeting educated members on the role of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in the lives of workers, and explained why the worker must be committed to its activities. New officers were elected  to steer the TDCL for the next four years.
In a report to the house on Tuesday at the Health Services Workers Union (HSWU) premises, Community Four, Tema, the out-going secretary of TDCL, Mr. Emmanuel Addo-Kumi, informed of the many challenges they faced during their tenure, key among them being financial stress.
Mr. Addo-Kumi said most member organizations failed to honor their financial commitments to the organization that made the TDCL struggle financially, a situation which was made more difficult by the fact that  they inherited an empty coffers from the previous administration.
He said, “It is very difficult and challenging when you hear that the executives are not doing anything at all but at the same time the person is not ready to come out to say exactly what is happening at their local unions.”
That notwithstanding, Mr. Addo-Kumi informed that they were able to hold the fort even though there were challenges. Notable among their successes was how they resolved the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) situation by fighting the directives that TOR products should not be on the market because it did not meet the required Sulphur content.
He also told of how they resolved reports of lack of crude oil and restored the product to the Tema Market. “GPHA had another challenge with the MPS because “there was a misgiving as to who takes charge of what…the presidency invited them and we can confidently say that something has been done,” Mr. Addo-Kumi added.
Mr Dotse Gadabor was elected chairman for the TDCL with the out-going secretary, Addo-Kumi moving up to first vice chairman and Elizabeth Appiah Bonnah becoming the second vice chairperson.
Mr Israel Adrah became the new secretary and was to be assisted by Benjamin Boateng; Daniel Agoe Addo Teye and Mordzifa Simm Lutter were elected as organizer and Trustee respectively.

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