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The Church must stand together in prayer to avoid spike in COVID-9 pandemic

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Ho, Nov 02, GNA-The Church has been called upon to stand together in prayer against the spike in the COVID-19 pandemic that has necessitated a second wave of lockdowns in some European countries.
Reverend Kenneth Djotepe, Director, Programmes, Ecumenical and Social Relations of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana made the call in a sermon at the Dela Cathedral in Ho.
He admonished Christians to journey with the Lord, pray for the Church, the community, the country, Africa and the world at large for his mercies.
« For the second wave of the pandemic, Lord hear our humble prayer and intercede on our behalf.
Whoever prays for one another, prays a double, one for himself and another soul, which comes with double divine benefits as God listens and intercedes. »
Rev Djotepe said scientists had demonstrated that the pandemic thrived faster in cold weather as Europe prepared for the winter and West Africa including; Ghana surged into the harmattan season, mostly with its associated wind drift from Europe, « one can only reach out to God. »
He said only prayer for one another and the world would save us.
He urged Christians to be more prayerful, be more closer to their Bibles, religiously read and abide by the scriptures and refrain from touching it only when they were on their way to Church.
Rev Djotepe said « pick your bibles, dust it and never leave it again on shelves or under your pillows. »
He urged Christians to stop playing « thou holiest » syndrome, where an individual believes beyond him or her, no one comes closest saying no one is more holier than the other, we are all the same before the Lord. »
The Director of Programmes said religiosity and spirituality have been relegated to the background in the Church to the extent that pastors are fighting pastors, catechists fighting among themselves, there is anarchy among members of the congregation, with insinuation, name-calling and back-stabbing a usual phenomenon.
He asked how can God be merciful in the midst of all these and called for a change of heart and attitude to create an atmosphere of acceptance by God.
He reminded the congregation to continue to observe the safety protocols and stay safe.

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