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There’s an Anointing Oil for every occasion-Bishop-Amonoo-Niezer

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Accra, Aug 24, 2015 – GNA-Right Reverend Dr Kwabena Amonoo-Niezer, Founder and Bishop of the Dominion Fire Chapel International, a charismatic denomination, has said ‘there is an anointing oil for every occasion.’

Rt Rev Amonoo-Niezer who made the remarks in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema, to throw light on the ‘Truth about the Apothecary,’ explained that the Art of the Apothecary was to know the spiritual nature of the spices, or the essential oils, and how to blend them to produce the required holy anointing oils with the needed efficacy.

Bishop Amonoo-Niezer who is a Chemical Engineer by profession, said it was regrettable that in recent times, the use of anointing oils and incense had become a matter of controversy in ‘Christendom,’ but pointed out that the oils prepared after the order of the Apothecary were very real.

The Bishop who is also the Chancellor of the Dominion Theological Institute in Accra, recounted the historical background of the Apothecary, and said the first mention of the word in the Bible was in the Book of Exodus, in which Moses was instructed by God to prepare the Holy Anointing Oil to be used for the consecration of the Tabernacle.

The Chancellor further recounted that the use of essential oils in anointing as oils originated from Ancient Egypt, adding that to anoint meant to rub or smear with oil, and for that matter, the art of anointing could either be by rubbing or smearing.

He explained that Biblically, Anointing Oils were used to consecrate people and items for holy purposes, adding that some of these oils were allowed to be applied by the priesthood, while others were allowed to be used by lay people.

Bishop Amonoo-Niezer said Anointing Oils represented the power of the Holy Spirit, or God’s anointing spirit which could be used for Consecration, Impartation, Emancipation, and Preparation.
Rt Rev Amonoo-Niezer observed that special people needed special kinds of anointing to move them always in the spirit of supernatural heights.

He pointed out that since oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, it was rightly justifiable to view our being anointed with oil as a physical manifestation of our being filled continuously with the Holy Spirit.
‘According to most Bible scholars, in God’s Word, anointing oil typically symbolized the Holy Spirit, or it was seen as the carrier of the Holy Spirit.’

Bishop Amonoo-Niezer pointed out that in the study of the Apothecary, one may notice that many spices were not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, Furthermore, the formulae for mixing them to produce different kinds of oils for different situations were not in the Scriptures either.

Turning to the Dominion Theological Institute, its Chancellor said it was the first Charismatic College of Bishops in the country.

He said it was born out of a vision to bring divine order to the body of Christ, and its objective was to gather people or ministries with like vision and mission , and create a congenial atmosphere for fellowship and growth.

‘There is influx of Bishops in the Charismatic Churches, but there is no unity, direction and one voice.’
On the Colleges’ Ministerial Credentials, Bishop Amonoo-Niezer said it would grant ministerial license to qualified persons called to work in the Lord’s Vineyard.

He said membership of its affiliate group was open to all Christian ministries, churches and individuals who shared like vision and beliefs.

As a revivalist, teacher, and preacher of the Word, Rt Rev Amonoo-Niezer said, his dream was to raise a dedicated army, and indeed a fearless one, that was willing to do exploits for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.


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