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Traders at Ashiaman market defy COVID-19 safety protocols

  14 Février      10        Santé (9535),


Tema, Feb. 14, GNA – Traders at the Ashaiman main market are still defiant to the COVID-19 safety protocols despite the surge in Ghana’s COVID-19 cases.
According to scores of Ashiaman traders interviewed by the Ghana News Agency, they find the usage of the nose masks as unnecessary.

At the Ashaiman main market, the GNA observed that most people though have their masks, they have pulled it down to their chins while others did not even have it at all with the explanation that; “We cannot shout and make noise about our goods to attract customers with the nose mask on.

“Trading in the marketing is associated with shouting, which has become a marketing mode of advertisement to attract customers, but how can I close my mouth and shout?, Madam Margaret Ntow a trader lamented.

She also attributed their defiance to their age – most of the traders are above 50 years and have difficulty in breathing when they put on the nose mask, saying, we, therefore, have no other options than to pull the mask to the chin.

She admitted that the COVID-19 virus had become dangerous as the numbers keep increasing daily, which scares the traders since their daily activities expose them to lots of people.
“This makes us as traders, a high risk group but with other genuine concern that’s why we are not putting on the nose mask”.

The GNA also observed the absence of handwashing stations for customers to wash their hands from the entrances of shops and the main entrance of the market.

Some market queens the GNA spoke to appealed to the National Commission for Civic Education and the Information Service Department to refresh the campaign in markets across the country, since “constant education will help us to understand the dangers associated with not using the nose mask”.

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