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Transport Ministry Official Says Recent Vehicle Registration A ‘Success’

  15 Octobre      12        Economie (10098),


GANTA, Oct. 14 (LINA) – The Ministry of Transport Northern Region Coordinator, Mr. Alex Sayon Nyanplue, has described the ministry’s recent Vehicle Registration and Inspection exercises in Nimba County as “very successful.”


He said this was contrary to concerns that the process would have met resistance from motorcyclists in the county.


The Ministry of Transport launched the nation-wide Vehicle Registration and Inspection Exercise on September 23, according to Mr. Nyanplue.


Speaking to reporters in Ganta at the climax of the exercise, Nyanplue said it targeted the registration and inspection of vehicles, including heavy and light duty, motorbikes and tricycles, auto parts shops and stores.


He added that the exercises were successful due to the collaboration and support received from operators and owners of vehicles in the county.


The success of the exercises, according to Nyanplue, was also based on how inspectors of the ministry conducted themselves and carried on the operation.


“The inspection, which we launched on the 23rd of September, was very successful and so we want to applaud operators and owners of vehicles and motorcyclists in particular for their support and collaboration.


“The process went on fine and the ministry is sincerely pleased with how citizens of Nimba conducted themselves during the exercise,” Mr. Nyanplue said.


He said a number of vehicles and motorbikes were registered, while several plates and licenses were delivered to those who previously paid for them.


The Ministry of Transport Northern Region Coordinator told journalists at a news conference that revenue generated for the short period of the operation was LRD 238,000.00 and US$ 1,050.00


Meanwhile, Mr. Nyanplue is calling on those who have not registered their vehicles to visit the MoT’s regional office located in Ganta or other sub-offices in different parts of the county to obtain their license plates, noting that the ministry has sent for more license plates for the county.


“I want to appeal to those who are yet to register their vehicles to kindly take advantage of our offices in the county to have their vehicles registered and plated to avoid embarrassment from our inspectors and the police,” Nyanplue added.


At the same time, the Ministry of Transport Regional Coordinator has frowned on owners and dealers of spare parts for their “deliberate” refusal to comply with the ministry in registering and obtaining their Eligibility Certificates which, he said, is the major document that allows a person to operate auto parts business in Liberia.


“We are using this medium to call the attention of those operating auto parts shops and stores to come to our offices to register and obtain their Eligibility Certificates because that is the only way they will operate void of embarrassment from the ministry. That will also make them relevant as business people in the county,” he stated.


Nyanplue lauded those who are in compliance with the Ministry’s policies and challenged those falling short of adhering to government’s instruction to desist in order to avoid legal action.


According to him, the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with the Liberia National Police will not hesitate to impound any vehicle plying the streets without proper documents obtained from the ministry.



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