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Twitter flags Trump tweet over voting misinformation – again

  18 Septembre      7        Politique (12330),


Washington, Sept. 18, (dpa/GNA) – Less than a week after Twitter found itself forced to offer a correction to a posting by President Donald Trump about the upcoming election, the social media giant on Thursday again flagged his account for misinformation.
There is growing concern among the Republican incumbent’s opponents in the Democratic Party that the president is seeking to cast doubt over the election outcome or at least muddy the waters.
« It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that he’s trying to lay the seeds that the election is not legitimate, » said Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, in remarks made to donors and reported on by the Washington Post.
The latest incident with Twitter relates to Trump’s campaign against voting by mail, which states are rapidly expanding to make casting a ballot easier, particularly during the pandemic.
« Because of the new and unprecedented massive amount of unsolicited ballots which will be sent to voters, or wherever, this year, the Nov 3rd Election result may NEVER BE ACCURATELY DETERMINED, which is what some want, » Trump said in his tweet.
Election experts tend to say that fraud in the past has been very limited, though the massive expansion of voting by mail could lead to delays with the counting of votes.
Some Congressional contests in California in 2018 took weeks to resolve, but ultimately were settled.
Trump regularly tries to make a distinction between absentee voting by mail, which requires the voter to proactively ask for a ballot, and cases where states send each registered voter a form, saying the latter is prone to problems.
Twitter flagged a pair of Trump tweets, saying « voting by mail is legal and safe, experts and data confirm, » and linking to news reports.
Even some members of Trump’s Republican party have disagreed with the president’s push against voting by mail.
Over the past weekend, Twitter flagged Trump for posts which encouraged people to potentially vote twice, which would be against the law.
The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray, told Congress that he saw a « lack of confidence in American voters and citizens in the validity of their vote, » as his main concern heading into the November election.
Wray added that he was concerned by a « perception of futility » among the public.

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