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« We are no more demi-gods »-Medical Director

  21 Janvier      11        Santé (9578),


Takoradi, Jan. 21, GNA – Doctor Joseph Kojo Tambil, a Medical Director of the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital says doctors are no more « demi-gods » as it used to be with the advent of technology and information all over the Cyber space.

« Hitherto, a doctor may ask you to look up to him, without allowing you the clients to question or inquire into medical proceedings on your life but now, it is not so », he added.

Dr Tambil indicated that, now knowledge and enlightenment were all over and patients needed their doctors for that matter health care professionals the more to engage and explain properly what they read on the internet to them.

According to him, « These sometimes even allay fears of clients and allow them to have more confidence in the medical system…we can’t continue to say we know it all and therefore allow me, the doctor to do what’s right for you…we definitely need to listen to our clients and offer them the best of health solutions ».

Dr. Tambil said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency commenting on the current happenings in the medical field with regards to the sale of babies, and the need for doctors, in particular, to be guided by their professional oath and ethics.

He described the act by the persons involved as contrary to the oath taken by all health care professionals and was of the firm belief that the regulatory agencies would thoroughly investigate the matter.

The Medical Director added that « patients always have thoughts running through their minds and have trust that health care professionals have answers to all their medical issues and so turning them down only worsened their emotional and mental state ».

He encouraged his colleagues to always have time for their patients, appreciate their concerns and offer the needed interventions to ensure the total health care delivery.

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