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Western Region FDA sensitises public on food safety

  29 Octobre      27        Science (525), Securité (4820),


Mildred Siabi-Mensah, GNA

Accra, Oct 29, GNA – The Western Regional Office of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)  has stressed   the need for consumers to champion their health issues by buying safe and wholesome products.
Mr Albert Ankomah, Senior Regulatory Officer said Consumers of food and other dairy products have to be vigilant buying right stuff in order to avoid diseases through the food they consume.
Mr Ankomah who made this known to the GNA during a clean-up and safety awareness at the market circle in Takoradi said enhancing food Security through safe food practices enabled individuals to take  charge of their lives.
The activities formed part of the Observation of World Food Safety Day by the FDA to raise the level of awareness on issues of food security, health and wellness of the Ghanaian.
Mr Ankomah said officers of the FDA may not always be there as consumers purchased and that it was important that the public was educated on safety issues.
He said despite the availability of food, if the right steps were not taken, the issue of health becomes a major problem adding, « Consumers must be educated to make informed decisions « .
The Senior Regulatory Officer therefore urged the pubic to also take good care of their surroundings especially, cooking utensils and kitchen management to avoid diseases.


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