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Women urged to invest in technology for profit

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Accra, March 11, GNA – Dr Ellen M. Hagan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of L’aine Services Limited,  says current information and technological age have enhanced businesses and yielded good dividends for entrepreneurs.

She therefore urged women to invest in technology to advance their businesses for profitability.

Dr Hagan gave the advice in an address to celebrate the International Women’s Day, organised by iSpace Foundation, an innovation hub at Labone in Accra and attracted about 60 women.

The Foundation provides technological education and financial support for women dubbed: « Unlocking Women and Technology » (UnlockingWAT on social media).

The United Nations has set March 8 every year to celebrate women around the world for their contributions to society.

Speaking on the topic: « Life as a Female Entrepreneur, » Dr Hagan said women no matter their social status could rely on social media and mobile money technology, to facilitate and promote transactions of their businesses in many ways.

The CEO urged women not to always follow the bandwagon pursuing what had already been set in motion which might not have much values, but to break the trend to do something different at all times.

She called on them to make judicious use of their time, adding that they should cut down on social events and learn to say no to some invitations because time was of the essence to all that matters in the life of women entrepreneurs.

Dr Hagan asked women to be observant to be able to identify problems and the needs of society to help solve them.

She said women should look in their inner self for them to discover their passion and with confidence they could reach the highest rung on the ladder.

Dr Hagan said they should not take delight in lower jobs or at best middle-level management.

« When you accept the norm decisions would be taken on your behalf by others in business circles and other areas. Be assertive, creative and innovative to break any mould or false perception surrounding women that tend to militate against or suppress them, » she said.

Dr Hagan admonished women to know to juggle their work, family and personal lives to achieve the right balance for some degree of satisfaction and success.

She urged them to marry an ideal man because marriage could be a drag on one’s career if care was not taken.

Madam Favour, Ozichukwu, the Programmes Manager of iSpace said the celebration of the Women’s Day was significant and for that matter her foundation considered it necessary to be part of it.

She said iSpace had equipped 30 women with technical and business skills and were in the process of starting their own businesses.

« It has been an amazing journey seeing ladies with no background in coding, now have built their websites and apps, » she said.

« Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.  If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. »

When the Ghana News Agency interacted with some of the women who attended the event, they contended that the occasion had offered them much value to apply to their personal lives and businesses.

They urged other women to patronise the training organised by the iSpace Foundation.

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