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Zuzu and Sasa children’s book series launched

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Accra, Mar. 19, GNA – The Zuzu and Sasa book series for children, from age zero to seven has been launched in Accra.

The series authored by Hamamat Montia, the founder of Africa Eat Now, highlights the everyday adventures of two Ghanaian sisters, Zuzu and Sasa.

The stories are a collection of experiences shared and narrated by the two girls.

The Zuzu and Sasa’s adventures aims to educate children and parents about the African continent, promote reading, comprehension and encourage cultural understanding.

The journey of the two sisters offers lessons, fun and exposure as they embark on travels across the African continent with their mother, who is a philanthropist and makes an impact through her work.

The creative capsule is packed with quick wit, fun and multiple lessons for children to learn.

Montia, who won the 2006 Miss Malika beauty pageant, with a focus on malaria prevention, in her address at the launch, said the goal of the Zuzu and Sasa series is to improve literacy and develop reading culture; promote confidence amongst African children and grant easier access to books for children.

She appealed for any form of partnership or support to execute the Zuzu and Sasa City-Wide Book Reading Tour for a short term project.

In addition a long term project of National Book Reading Tour (large scale) and to build a network of libraries throughout Ghana.

“We would like the book to grow to a point where it can support our longer term goal of building a network of libraries through the country and especially in the northern parts of Ghana,” Montia said.

Reverend Dr Lawrence Tetteh, the President and Founder of the Lawrence Tetteh Ministries, who supported the launch urged parents, guardians and teachers to inculcate reading habits in children whilst they are still young

He said when children develop reading habits during their tender age, they grow to have good command of the English Language and very efficient in communication.

Africa Eat Now is a non-profit organisation which works to feed malnourished children both in Ghana and across the African continent.


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