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« We got our tactics right to beat Burkina »- Coach Cobblah

  6 Février      0        Sport (3220),


Accra, Feb. 06, GNA – Jimmy Cobblah, head coach of the national under-21 team, the Black Satellites, has said, though they won their last game against Burkina Faso, few errors were detected and will be corrected in their game against Senegal on Wednesday.

« The technical team saw some mistakes to work on, with our central defense, though, were defending so well, at a point they were committing some blunders like miss communication, which shouldn’t be committed because one principle in defense is communication and I think that was where the problem was.

« Our midfield too, lost a lot of loose balls along the line, because they were not playing to instructions, we were to keep it simple ‘let us keep the ball around and play with speed’ but we saw they were losing too many balls.

« They were sometimes running with the ball from their defensive area, which was a wrong department to do that and our crosses too weren’t coming like they should, but we would resolve that in our next games and I am sure we would come out good » he added.

According to him, the match against the Burkinabe’s was a very difficult, especially when the Young Stallions were playing a different system all together, but his team also had mapped up play, which worked perfectly well.

« In games like this when your opponent comes into the game with their own game plan, you need to also get yours intact and make it work.

« We came into the game with a plan to possess, counter and run with the ball more, since they were playing long balls.

« So we aimed at playing faster and accurate when we intercept or gain possession of the ball because they were following up on their long balls, creating holes behind them and it worked for us ».

With a brace from Ghana’s Daniel Lomotey, the stage is set for a fiest encounter as Ghana takes on Senegal, who also beat Mali by 2:0 on Wednesday February, 6 at 15:30 hours at Maradi.

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