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Ghana calls for strengthening of AU’s Peer Review Mechanism

  25 Mai      6        Politics (8538),


Accra, May 25, GNA – Ghana, marking the 56th African Union Day, has called for the enhancement of the continental body’s Peer Review Mechanism to curb the abuse of political power with its related socio-economic problems of irregular and dangerous migration of the youth.
An effective peer review system would also promote effective economic governance for the well being of all citizens.

Madam Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, said these in a statement, which was copied to the Ghana News Agency, in Accra.
« We need to strengthen systems that would guarantee inclusive government, deal with political crisis at the teething level, and ensure the socio-economic prosperity of the continent.
« We also have to pay particular attention to youth unemployment to channel the energies and innovation of African youth into productive ventures through enhanced integration of economic interactions on the continent ».
Explaining the designation of 2019 by African Heads of State and Governments as “The Year of Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons”, the statement said the theme reflected their shared determination to deal with the formidable challenges of migration facing the continent, including some of the tragic events witnessed recently.
« This occasion presents us with an opportunity to mobilise our efforts and resources to deal with migration, » it said.
The AU has, therefore, adopted a Migration Policy Framework and Plan of Action (2018-2030) to assist the continent to better manage and benefit from planned migration. It provides strategic guidelines to Member-states and Regional Economic Communities in the management of migration.
The Policy also mandates each country to formulate and implement its own national policies in accordance with its priorities and resources.

Migration Governance, Labour Migration and Education, Diaspora Engagement
Border Governance, Irregular Migration, Forced Displacement;
Internal Migration and Migration and Trade are some highlights of the framework.

This intervention, the statement said, was apt in view of the hostile conflicts, wars, natural disasters and economic difficulties thrust upon the world – a seemingly intractable situation of insecurity, forced migration across perilous oceans and deserts as well as the internal displacement of persons.
« Lately, the jihadi activities in the Sahel region of Africa and North-Eastern Nigeria have seriously threatened the stability and security of the region with a considerable impact on human security.
« Africa continues to seek lasting solutions to resolve this phenomenon, which has wreaked havoc on its fragile economies and peoples ».

« The phenomenal rise and mainstreaming of extreme and ultra-right nationalist political groups in Europe and elsewhere, the statement said, had exacerbated the socio-political difficulties, which hampered the smooth integration of Africans into the recipient countries.
« With over 700 Refugee Camps worldwide and twice the number of inmates in these camps, the sheer volume of refugees and displaced persons overstretch the resources of the international community to deal with the matter » .
Therefore, a sustainable model to prevent the outbreak of conflicts, insecurity and socio-economic difficulties that compelled people to migrate, it said, seemed to be the best option available to deal with this phenomenon.
The statement talked about Ghana’s lined up activities to mark the 400th year after the first enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia.
It described it ‘as a way of ensuring productive interaction between Africa and her peoples of African descent’.

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