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Graduates must stay away from corruption

  18 Novembre      0        Innovation (1553),


Accra, Nov. 18, GNA- Mr Kafui Kweku Anyomedie, an alumnus of Central University (CU) who was the Guest Speaker of the 18th Congregation of the University has asked the graduands not to be corrupted by the world outside the classroom as they prepare to pursue their careers.
“Today, our country faces a myriad of problems, problems that we are the solution of. Corruption runs rife, crippling our systems and institutions, and we have all played a part in it,” he said.
Mr Anyomedi said this in a keynote address at the weekend at the CU campus, Miotso where thousands of well-wishers joined graduands for the 2019 graduation ceremony.
Mr. Anyomedie, and a trained architect, advised the graduating class not to allow themselves to partake in the corruption narrative and ensure that “the values you inherited from the CU guided their every action.”
He asked the students to dedicate themselves to right principles and promise that “we step out of the confines of Central University into the world to excellence and integrity grounded in faith. Men and women grounded in these values would surely overcome the ills of this nation.
Mr. Anyomedie said the world would try to break them, beat them down, but all they had was their values which defined them. “Let it be said of you, ‘that was a woman dedicated to excellence that was a man of integrity that was a Central University Alumnus who changed the face of our nation’,” he said.
The Vice-Chancellor of the CU, Professor Bill Buenar Puplampu, in rejecting the tenets of corruption even in academia, informed the graduands to be particular about observing laid down regulations because “rule violating behavior has consequences, especially where those rules relate to access to formal rights and privileges.”
Prof. Puplampu made reference to the recent Sex for Grades allegations that were made against some persons in Ghana and Nigeria and asked players in academia to endeavour to stick to proper behavioral practices in order to safeguard the value of the certificates they presented to students.
“We all have a responsibility to be uncompromising in our standards for in-class delivery, exam management, rejection of all suggestions of alternative means for credentialisation without the attendant effort and output,” the Vice-Chancellor advised.

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