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‘President Akufo-Addo’s best men on the seas are in the Eastern Naval Command’

  30 Mai      6        Politics (8613),


Accra, May 30, GNA-Chairman of the Tema canoe owners association, Nii Adjieteh Quaye, is celebrating what he calls peace on the seas that is ensured by the exploits of the Eastern Naval Command.
According to him, the part of Ghana’s seas sprawling the Tema maritime area have become tranquil of late as the Navy had rid of the activities of pirates.
“We no longer go to sea in fear of being attacked by pirates and this has really improved productivity. Naval Commander, Commodore Sam Walker and his men are really doing a yeoman’s job,” enthused Nii Adjieteh Quaye, in an interview with the Ghana news agency in Accra said.
According to him, the Eastern Naval Command was a strong bulwark that was serving as a powerful muscle of President Akufo-Addo.
“In fact, I think I can confidently say that President Akufo-Addo’s best men on the seas are in the Eastern Naval Command.”
Nii Adjieteh Quaye thumbed Commodore Sam Walker and his predecessor, J.O Kontoh for high praise, but was quick to also name his second in command, Commander Nyaaba, for praise as well.
The Tema Canoe owners Association Chairman also praised the Eastern Naval Command’s effective collaboration with the Head of security at the Tema Port, Colonel William Kwabiah.
“On behalf of all canoe owners in Tema, I say “ayekoo!” to all of them.”
He recalled how just a few years ago, pirates in other African countries, had escalated their nefarious activities to the maritime waters of Ghana.
According to him, because of the pirates, fishermen were afraid.“Some of our people were being robbed, some were being abducted on the seas. Because of the fear, it became difficult for us to go on the high seas for catch even though Ghana’s maritime waters is up to 12 nautical miles,” Nii Adjieteh Quaye said.
He said however, that the Eastern Naval Command quickly rallied and took the battle to the pirates. “You were in Ghana and I believe you heard the news about the exploits of our gallant Navy. They even rescued a tanker ship that was hijacked off the coast of Nigeria,” Nii Adjieteh Quaye said.
According to him, the Navy’s strong arm against piracy made the country’s waters safe and free of the verminous presence of high sea robbers.

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