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Ghana Employers Association seeks to influence national development

Accra ,Aug. 26,GNA-The Ghana Employers Association has held a consultative breakfast meeting of its members in the Tema enclave.

According to Mr Alex Frempong, Chief Executive Officer, the ideas gathered will be put in a national advocacy strategy to advance the cause of the association and national development.

Welcoming members, he said a three-year strategic plan was being drawn up to influence the formulation of national economic policies and implementation, especially those that directly affected their work.

Members, who were drawn from manufacturing, the maritime sector among others, raised issues including poor tax education and the aggressive nature of the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) staff.

They argued that instead of educating them on what the tax master expected of them, they rather made it a habit of looking for faults and often sought to condemn them.

According to members, GRA did not value honest and easy to identify tax payers hence the tax burden on a few while many who made more money either under declare or completely stayed out of the tax net.

Some called for the establishment of trade schools that would imbibe in students the needs or modern industry to form the base of an effective labour pool that would drive national development.

The issue of health and safety also engaged the meeting as some called for the establishment of gymnasiums on work premises to encourage healthy living and routine exercises among workers which had the potential to cut down their health bills.

Other issues that came up for discussion included the taxation of end of service benefits.,taxation of churches, the use of the Labour laws to protect Ghanaian workers from the exploitation of non complaint foreign and local investors as well as the availability of affordable drugs in National Health Insurance Authority accredited facilities.