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Jordanian News Outlet Slams Polisario’s Collusion with Terrorist Groups in Sahel, Sahara

  19 Mai      3        Politique (214),


Amman, 19/05/2023 (MAP) – The Jordanian news website « Johina News » has denounced the collusion between the « polisario » mercenaries and terrorist groups operating in the Sahel and Sahara region, and the criminal threat it poses to the entire region and the African continent.

The news site indicated that the « polisario » has forged alliances with terrorist groups active in the Sahel region, pointing, in this context, to the fact that the Sahel’s most famous terrorist and criminal, known as Abu Adnan al-Sahrawi, was one of the « polisario’s » top executives inside the Tindouf camps, as was his deputy, Abdelhakim al-Sahrawi, a former member of the « polisario » mercenaries.

The media outlet added that several operations to dismantle terrorist cells linked to terrorist groups active in the Sahel and Sahara region since 2008 have revealed close links between the « polisario » and terrorism in the region, noting that the Tindouf camps have been a fertile ground for the emergence of terrorist movements in recent years.

The Jordanian news site stressed that the « polisario » has exploited on a large scale the proliferation and abundance of arms from international trade in the Sahel-Saharan area, while its members have joined the terrorist movements that abound in this region to implement the destructive agenda of this puppet entity directed against Morocco, citing the large number of bellicose statements adopted by the representatives of the « polisario » during their fake conferences calling for terrorist acts against the Kingdom.

The publication states that the Tindouf camps are mainly considered as a reservoir for the recruitment of terrorists for the various terrorist organizations active in this region since the time of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, which later became the Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb.

These camps have now become known headquarters for supplying various « Islamic State » affiliated organizations with terrorist candidates, as well as fuel for weapons, with the blessing and connivance of the « polisario » leadership, which operates under the orders of the military regime of a country that continues to provide this so-called entity with political, diplomatic, financial and military support, diplomatic, financial and military support, and contributes to perpetuate fifty years of suffering and pain inflicted on the isolated inhabitants of the Tindouf camps, depriving them of their most elementary rights to freedom of movement or expression and of their right to a dignified life, adds Johina News.

It also pointed out that this collusion between the « polisario » and terrorist organizations is evidenced by the investigations carried out by the Moroccan anti-terrorist services and the continuous dismantling of terrorist cells.

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