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Minister McGill Rallies L$25M For Bong County Women Empowerment

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MONROVIA, May 30 (LINA) – The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill, along with other officials of Government has raised L$25 million for the empowerment of women across Bong County.

The amount, which was raised by the minister and others, is in line with a commitment made by the President of Liberia, George M. Weah, on behalf of the Government of Liberia, to raise money to empower women in that part of the country.

“The Minister of Finance came here and said the President along with the Vice President and the entire Government, will find money to support our poor people, » Minister Mcgill noted.

Speaking at a fundraising rally in Gbarnga, Bong County, Minister McGill stated that when downtrodden women are committed to helping themselves and their families in Bong County, it is the responsibility of the Government to help facilitate the empowerment of those poor women across the county.

Minister McGill cited that people may see it difficult to raise the amount in question (L$25 Million) but assured the public that the amount is easy to raise once the proper mechanism is put in place.

« You know, to raise this L$25 million is very simple. Maybe our friends in the opposition don’t know. But I will explain to you how we are going to raise the money, » the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs emphasized.

He narrated that the money will be raised by 100 people operating businesses in the county as well as other stakeholders in the county.

« My responsibility is to work with Hon. Marvin Cole (Representative) to identify 100 persons that will contribute at least L$250,000 thousands Liberian dollars. That 250,000 is just US$1,600 to US$1,700, » McGill said.

“The reason why I’m breaking the math down is because I know my friends in the opposition have their pens and their calculators and they are saying McGill has called for L$25 million again. We will raise the money and give it to you. So just from Rep. Fonati Koffa and the Vice President, we have raised at least five million. Everything not going to be promised, we are going to make an initial contribution here today, » Minister McGill indicated.

McGill maintained that there are a lot of business people in Bong County, where some of them are involved in mining activities, while others are in gold business.

He assured the public that the Government of Liberia will talk to those business people to make contributions toward the financial empowerment program.

Nevertheless, Minister McGill lamented that most of the people now in the opposition community ruled Liberia for 12 years and diverted opportunities that were meant for downtrodden Liberians to their personal use.

« The unfortunate thing here is that most of our opposition colleagues were in government before and they knew business people and they had friends among those business people, but they were taking the monies and putting them to their own use,” the Minister of State claimed.

He added: “As for us, when we talk to our friends to give us the money and we subsequently give it to the people and they getting vex. But when you vex you can burst. We are never afraid of doing good, and we are willing to bear the consequences of doing good.”

Minister McGill stressed that the L$25 million is not from the Government of Liberia but rather from prominent business people operating in the county.

He urged citizens of Bong County to continue to pray for President George Weah so that he can be empowered to enable him institute measures that will bring relief to the people of Bong County and Liberia in general.

Communities that benefited from the L$25 million financial empowerment include Brooklyn and Sugar Hill communities in Gbarnga, Jenepleta in District # Three, Zoweinta in District # One as well as Maliki and Kayata in District # Three, respectively.

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