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Who are we?

The Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA) is a professional platform to encourage the exchange of experiences, information and multimedia products and to promote the exchange of ideas on the future of news agencies and the role they must play in the 21st century. This endeavor needs to take place in a manner that respects their diversity and their respective characteristics, while being fully aware of the profound changes of the media landscape in the context of globalization and the multimedia era.

Considering the will to gather within a professional framework in order to breathe a new impetus to cooperation ties among the news agencies of the countries of Atlantic and West Africa, the General Directors of these news agencies held a constitutive general assembly on 0ctober 14, 2014 in Casablanca (Morocco) on the sidelines of the Forum on the theme: “The News Agencies of Africa in the Multimedia Era: What Future?”.

Recognizing the necessity to establish a strategic partnership among the news agencies of the region and create a formal frame of consultation and action allowing them to exchange their experiences, coordinate their activities in different professional fields, the General Directors have unanimously decided to create a federation, in order to translate into reality the ambition of these news agencies in the fields of information and communication, as part of an evolutionary process of strategic cooperation and partnership, and to take up together, in an efficient manner, the multifaceted challenges of globalization and promote cohesion and cooperation among the countries of the region.

This professional association baptized “Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies”, in abbreviation (FAAPA), will contribute, no doubt, to deepen the dialogue and the development of cooperation between the countries of the region within a new dynamic.

The Federation has set goals to establish a strategic partnership and develop professional relationships among news agencies, in addition to contributing to strengthen the free flow of information and to promote cooperation and coordination in regional and international fora.

President’s Message



General Manager – MAP (Morocco)
President FAAPA

Dear users, welcome to the website of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies. FAAPA is a professional platform. In this capacity, it aims to encourage the exchange of experiences, information and multimedia products. FAAPA also aims to promote the exchange of ideas on the future of news agencies and the role... Lire la suite