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Nigerian Kidnapper names CID and ‘Kwesi’ as aid in cell break

  12 Février      12        Société (13185),


By Mildred Siabi-Mensah, GNA

Takoradi, Feb. 12, GNA – Suspect Samuel Wills, the 28-year-old alleged kidnapper declared before a Takoradi Magistrate court that he was assisted by an Officer of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and one Kwesi to enable him to escape from the police cells.
He alleged that the said Kwesi provided him with the hacksaw blade and the other implements including; an oily substance to control the noise in cutting the iron bars secured in the windows of the cells to ensure ventilation.
He told the court presided over by His Worship Mr. Michael Ampadu that the operation to break cells lasted for three hours, which begun at 1500 hours and ended at 1800 hours, where he left the doors of the cells.
He however, did not give details as to how the said CID helped him to escape, but indicated that he would be able to identify the CID in question on parade.
The suspected kidnapper has now admitted to the charges of escaping from lawful custody and causing damage, but denied resisting police arrest.
It would be recalled that at last court sitting, the suspect pleaded not guilty to the three charges, but indicated that he had something to say.
The judge, Ampadu then told him that he would be given the opportunity to speak at the next sitting.
When the court asked the suspect whether he had some witnesses in the case, Mr Wills mentioned the said Kwesi as a witness to the event.
Responding to Him, His Worship Ampadu said, »In Ghana when you mention Kwesi you have not said anything, because I am also Kwesi and there are so many Kwesis, so which Kwesi are you talking about ».
The suspect was given a week to produce the said Kwesi as witness to testify in that regard or risk judgement.
The case has therefore been adjourned to February 18, 2019.
On the contrary, the suspect’s caution statement to the Police which was read in court by the investigator handling the case, Detective Inspector Austin Adjei, revealed that suspect Wills did not mention any CID.
The statement only said, the suspect’s friend identified only as Kwesi visited him at the police charge office on December 26, 2018 after his arrest.
Prior to the recapture of the suspect, seven police personnel, who were on duty at the Takoradi Central Police Station at the time the Nigerian suspect escaped, were given 10 days to produce the alleged kidnapper or face the full rigours of the law.
The presiding judge, Ampadu, later assured the public of justice particularly affected parents and families.

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