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Sen. Dennis, Others Want Next Executive-Legislative Retreat Spotlight Economy

  19 Août      20        Economie (6501), Politique (6467),


MONROVIA, Aug. 18 (LINA) – Senators have revealed an important issue earlier discussed in closed-door at the Special Presidential-Legislative Retreat Saturday in Harbel, Margibi County, minutes after the event came to a close.

As expected, though, that issue was the depreciating state of the Liberian economy.

The main focus of the two-day retreat was to brainstorm on the Bills sent to the Capitol by the Executive for possible amendment of a number of articles within the Liberian Constitution and other ‘over-stayed’ instruments.

Grand Gedeh Senator Marshall Dennis and his River Gee colleague Comany Wesseh told reporters that it was agreed by members of the Legislature and Executive that while the retreat was good, and meant to discuss President Weah’s legislative agenda; a gathering of similar nature but tailored towards finding solutions for the economy, must be convened. The time, agenda, and venue for such event, as yet, remain indefinite.

But before the two senators could weigh in on the issue, however, Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie had hinted similar view in his opening statement, saying: “Thank you, Mr. President for this retreat. While this will focus on constitutional amendment, we look forward to discussing issues of governance, peace and unity, and the state of the economy and other pressing issues of national concern.”

Senator Dennis, chairman on the Senate’s Committee on Banking and Currency, needed not agree more with Senator Chie.

He said the holding of the constitutionally-based retreat was a good initiative which saw members of both Houses and the Executive coming together to discuss important matters, “but the statement by the Pro Temp must be taken very seriously.”

“I think with the caliber of stakeholders who attended this particular retreat coming back to a meeting about the economy, not necessarily here at Farmington – we can exchange ideas on how we can change the economy of this country.”

“This is the government that has vowed to lift the poor and the poor are crying,” continued Sen. Dennis, adding: “It’s something that bothers some of us who are part of the ruling committee.”

Moreover, when he commented on the subject, also, Senator Wesseh of River Gee said: “Our country is going thru a very serious economic problem. We have got some assurance from this retreat that a dialogue on the economy must take place and it’s urgent.”

“Some of the constitutional changes that we are talking are irrelevant compared to economic hardship that our people are suffering and we must do things and do the different meetings necessary for us to alleviate the hardship.”

National leaders, including lawmakers, said Sen, Wesseh, will have to consider the abiding economic situation as an emergency because any hardship that does not give hope has the ability to threaten the peace of the country and so we are committed to work with the Executive.”

To drill the nail, President Weah himself touched on the subject with the press as he exited the hall.

According to the Liberian leader, the economic situation in the country was not a new phenomenon but a global trending issue.

“We will do our best to reach to a point where we will fix our economy, get rid of inflation, make sure to encourage our citizens to have the confidence to put their monies in the local banks, bring more businesses to the country,” the President said.

It can be recollected that on several occasions, the President has pinpointed the transformation of the agricultural sector as a key way of giving backbone to the economy.

Also, sector officials in the Executive have averred that connecting the corridors of principal roads throughout the county will result in the establishment of agricultural and economic zones when the government can invest in local farmers to shift from sustenance to industrial processing subsequently geared towards export.

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