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U.S. to raise bar for « made in America » products

  16 Juillet      13        Economie (6489),


WASHINGTON, July 16 (Xinhua/GNA) – U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered that only products with more than 55 percent made in the United States may be considered « made in America » and pledges to raise the bar to 75 percent in the future.

Speaking at the Made in America product showcase at the White House, Trump told a group of U.S. manufacturers that in the future « domestic goods will have to have 75 percent of American, and 95 percent for things such as iron and steel, » in order to be considered « made in America. »

« If we can build it, grow it or make it in the United States, we will, » Trump said, adding that U.S. steel and aluminum factories and mines « are not closed anymore or they won’t be closed very long. »

Currently, the threshold for being considered « made in America » is at 50 percent.

The standard for made in America carries legal consequences as the U.S. Buy American Act of 1933 dictates that the U.S. government prefer U.S.-made products in its acquisitions.

At the showcase were large hardware products such as motorcycles, bicycles, yachts, a motor home, and the THAAD missile system.

There were also smaller gadgets such as lighters, pens and bottle openers. One company was chosen from every state as a representative.

This year marks the third time the White House has hosted the Made in America product showcase.

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