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Drumming relieves stress, depression, neurological conditions-Instructor

Abuja, Jan. 22, 2019 (NAN) – A drum instructor, Mr Isioma Williams, says drumming has its way of reducing stress, depression and gradually healing individuals suffering from some neurological conditions.

Williams, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria urged Nigerians to embrace drumming to benefit from its therapeutics.

According to him, drumming has some positive effects on the drummer and the hearer, as it boosts both parties’ immune systems, relieving them of some psychological problems.

« This is done when the endorphins and enkephalins are released into the body, which is neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers and mood enhancers ».

He noted that individuals who spent time on drumming might live longer.

« Drumming is therapeutic and that is the reason most doctors abroad prescribe it for their patients because it produces the feelings of wellbeing.

« It lowers blood pressure, stress hormone, anxiety and relieves emotional trauma.

« People can engage in drumming at leisure to tap from some of its numerous health benefits, not necessarily taking it as a profession but a form of exercise.

« Drumming is a cardio exercise; the kind of drum engaged is immaterial, any drum is good and Nigeria is blessed with different kinds of drum which can suit different people.

« Everyone is advised to get trained in drumming so as to engage in it as an exercise, » he stressed.

The instructor, who had been training people on the act of drumming for years, imported a South Korean drum called « Jangu » three years ago and most Nigerians had benefited from the training.

He said the 2019 session of the Jangu drum workshop would hold from Feb. 4 to April 30 with two sessions per day in Surulere, Lagos.

According to him, participants will receive certificates from the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria upon completion of the programme.