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Lolobi is central point for district capital-Adontehene

Lolobi (O/R), Oct 27, GNA-Nana Akortia III, Adontehene of Lolobi Traditional Area in the Oti region, has said the Area was strategically situated to earn the district capital for the pending approval of the creation of the Guan District.
“We wish to humbly suggest and appeal to the government that for the sake of convenience, security and commercial activities, the administrative capital of the Guan District be placed at Lolobi.”
Nana Akortia addressing the Media in Lolobi said the Area was centrally situated and shared a boundary with all its neighbours, who made up the District.
He said all roads in the District converged at Lolobi for easy accessibility for meetings and other administrative works and activities.
The Adontehene noted that the area would be grateful to the President, if their plea was considered.
Nana Akortia said the area was aware of the heckling and negative activities of few individuals, but “we are happy the ultimate has come. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these few people.”
The youth of the area held a health walk to support their bid for the district capital with inscriptions on placards such as “Lolobi is the radius, He who says no to Guan, speaks for himself and Lolobi for district capital.”