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Expedite region’s chieftaincy disputes adjudication-Bono Peace Council

Sunyani, June 18, GNA-The Bono Regional Peace Council (BRPC) has appealed to the Judicial Committee of the Bono Region House of Chiefs to expedite action on the adjudication of chieftaincy disputes to strengthen the prevailing peace in the region.
“We need parties to the conflicts to lift the blockade and soften their entrenched positions and do everything possible to minimize the impact of violence on families and communities”, the Council said in a statement signed by Reverend Father Williams Kyere, its Chairman.
A copy of the statement made available to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani on Friday stressed the consequences of violent conflicts were immediate, enormous and devastating saying “we can overcome conflicts and violence our communities if everyone contributes”.
During its second quarter meeting held on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, the Council said “we are on the ground everyday working in the toughest environments and under some of the most difficult conditions and we can do more and we want to do more, but we need the right conditions and funding”.
It expressed concern about the lack of funding to carry out its activities and the numerous chieftaincy conflicts that had bedeviled the region, stating the demand for peace making remained high.
“The years since 2020 have seen numerous numbers of armed conflicts. However, the form of violent conflict has also been changing, becoming increasingly protracted, fragmented and criminalized”.
“Arguably, peace-making efforts have not kept pace and challenges have also multiplied and yet at the same time there are fewer resources available for effective management or monitoring and evaluation for the work of the Council”, the statement added.
Lack of funds is making the Council unable to undertake its needed activities to get peace initiatives up and running, and to test and encourage interest in dialogue in challenging conflict situations.
The statement therefore pleaded with all stakeholders, especially the government to ensure liquidity of the Council to be able to carry out its mandate.