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173rd Independence Day Orator Urges Diaspora Liberians To Give Back To Liberia

  28 Juillet      114        Politique (24663),


MONROVIA, July 27 (LINA) – The Orator of Liberia’s 173rd Independence Day anniversary has extended an invitation to Liberians living in the Diaspora to come back and contribute to the growth and development of their country.

« To Liberians in the Diaspora, it has been over 400 plus years since Africans and Liberians have contributed immensely to the growth and civilization of other nations. It is now time to return home, » Pastor Simeon Dunbar, Sr. noted.

Delivering the 173rd Independence Day oration at the Ministerial Complex in Monrovia, Pastor Dunbar indicated that every single conflict in Liberia in the past 50 years has been sponsored directly or indirectly by Diaspora Liberians, noting: « Equally so, the current growth and development in our political and economic landscape is also being supported by you Liberians in the Diaspora. »

He pointed out: « Therefore, this is an open invitation for you to return with your resources, knowledge and expertise and invest in the Motherland. There is no place like home. Liberia is all we have, let us give her the best we can, » the Liberian clergyman maintained.

He discouraged Liberians against acts of rebelling against God, quoting Psalms 16:4, “Their sorrow shall be multiplied that follow after other gods”

« Never again must we allow ourselves to be divided along religious lines, for we are all interrelated. We need to learn to be a cohesive nation with one mind, and put Liberia First. Never again must we be divided along tribal, political and sectional lines, » Pastor Dunbar emphasized.

Also, Pastor Dunbar warned Liberians against jungle justice as a means of exercising vengeance and retribution.

He urged Liberians to “say no to mob justice,” and engage themselves in activities that portray value and respect for every human life.

The clergyman cautioned the Government against accepting foreign aid that have the propensity of keeping Liberia captive to the donors.

« It is written in the Bible in Proverbs 22:7.The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender. How can we claim to be independent and still depend on foreign aids and imports of our staple food and basic commodities to boost our economy?

“The decisions that run our government should not be made in other capitals around the world. Anyone who feeds you,, will control you,” said Orator Dunbar.

He called on President George Manneh Weah to lead by example, noting: « While it is true that you are faced with a very difficult task of leading a mysterious nation like ours, we would also like to encourage you to lead by example and be wise and decisive in your leadership.”

Pastor Dunbar added: “Don’t let these people spoil your government with ill advices. Don’t be overly concerned about your opposition but rather, your social contract with the people and be concerned of your secret enemies who parade as friends around you. »

The Prelate cautioned the Liberian leader to be careful of whom to allow in his inner court, stressing: « Be open up to ideas from wise technocrats who are well experienced and possess some measure of the fear of God. Be courageous and strong as our captain and lead this team to its noble destination. »

He further called on government to redefine the national agenda of the country with clear-cut vision, achievable, both in the long and short terms.

« Make people-oriented policies that will redirect funds to the agricultural and production sectors, thereby creating jobs throughout rural Liberia, » Pastor Dunbar asserted.

Meanwhile, the Founder of Liberty Christian Center also advised the Government of Liberia to strengthen diplomatic relations with friendly nations like Israel and the EU nations.

He recommended the empowerment of local farmers and the promotion of large scale food production, while reducing the subsidies on the importation of Liberia’s staple food (rice) thus gradually ending the country’s dependence on importation of the commodity.

« The government needs to re-evaluate the decentralization policy that will empower rural Liberians to be more productive. All of Liberia is farm ready and eager for production.

“Reintroduce the work culture amongst our people and let everyone earn their honest living through merit and dedication,” Pastor Dunbar said.

He pointed out that leaders must “understand that government is about continuity, we must stop wasting resources on starting new projects without completing old ones. »

Clergyman Dunbar added: « We need to revisit our organic laws and change what ought to be changed, repeal those that need to be repealed and implement those that need to be implemented, but do not temper with our core values as a God-fearing nation and the vision of our founding fathers, foundation matters.”


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