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Aboboyaa’ banned from plying major highways in Accra from Nov. 1

  25 Octobre      35        transport (24),


Accra, Oct. 25, GNA – Effective November 1, 2021, all motorised tricycle, also known as ‘Aboboyaa’, are banned from plying major highways in Accra.

Mr Henry Quartey, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, said the ban had become necessary due to the high rate of “gross indiscipline” on the roads by motorcycle and tricycle riders, endangering other road users.

He said the ban was part of efforts by the Regional Co-ordinating Council under the, “Let’s Make Greater Accra Work” agenda to ensure strict regulatory compliance with LI 2180.

Mr Quartey, at a media briefing, said in as much as citizens had the right to own and ride motorcycles and tricycles, they must do that in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations (2012) L. I 2180.

He said the Greater Accra Regional Security Council (REGSEC) in collaboration with the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), would rigorously enforce road traffic regulations in the Metropolis through a joint task force.

The Regional Minister said in line with the ban, all motorcycle and tricycle riders must stay away from all major highways and principal streets and restrict their operations to community riding by February 1 2022.

He said all owners of unregistered or uninsured motorcycles and tricycles also had up to Tuesday, November 30, 2021, to regularise their documentation, adding that non-compliance would be basis for legal action.

“Where the motorcycles and tricycles remain unregistered, owners or riders must possess and provide valid customs or shipping documentations. All unlicensed motorcycle and tricycle riders will also be arrested, prosecuted, and made to acquire a valid Rider’s license.”

He said the DVLA, in collaboration with insurance companies would also register and insure the operators, in the Assemblies.

Mr Quartey said all motorcycle and tricycle riders must observe all road traffic regulations, saying riders who crossed the red light as well as violate other traffic regulations shall be arrested and prosecuted.

“All motorcycle, pillion riders, and tricycle riders must wear the appropriate gears, that is reflective jackets, helmets, knee and elbow protectors, and boots where applicable”, he added.
The Regional Minister added that no motorcycle would carry more than two persons, except the rider and a pillion, and that all offenders would have their motorcycles and tricycles impounded.

“Offenders will be given a maximum of one month to show why their bikes should not be disposed of in accordance with CI 76 of the Ghana Police Service.”

He urged the media and the public to support the campaign with awareness creation in the collective interest of making “Greater Accra work.”

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