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‘Bear with government as it works to fix the economy’

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Kumasi, May 14, GNA – Dr Kingsley Nyarko, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwadaso, has called on Ghanaians to bear with the Government as it continues to work to address the economic challenges of the country.

He said though the call on government by a cross-section of the youth to fix the country was legitimate, it was also important to note that the challenges could not be fixed at once, especially in the Covid-19 era.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, Dr Nyarko said countries around the world had suffered the negative impact of the pandemic and it would take some time to resolve.

That, notwithstanding, the Government was continuing with its pragmatic policies and interventions to put the country back on track, he said, and called on the youth and Ghanaians in general to help in achieving that goal.

“We don’t need politicisation of our predicament, what we need is patriotism and a spirit of let’s come together and rebuild,” he said.

“In difficult times in our homes, families, communities and country, we should stand together to overcome and to progress.”

He said the Covid-19 intervention alone was a huge drain on government and had it not been proactive and pragmatic, more lives would have been lost and the economy completely shattered.

“Let’s all fight together, fix the country together and win together,” Dr Nyarko said.

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