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Ghana: Government to seek audience with FIFA

  15 Août      22        Sport (6744),


Accra, Aug. 15, – The Government of Ghana has reiterated its intention to engage with the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), following a directive by the later to the former to discontinue the dissolution process against the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Ghana risked being suspended from all related football activities by FIFA, if the case is not withdrawn by Monday, August 27, 2018, in what FIFA regards as government interference in the affairs of the GFA.

In its response to FIFA, the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, stated the intention to cleanse the football system after some members of the GFA were found in series of misconduct in ‘Number 12’ documentary, which according to them does not constitute any form of interference.

A letter signed by Mr. Isaac Asiamah, Minister of Youth and Sports, it states that, « given the nature of the empirical and overwhelming nature of the evidence of widespread corruption, bribery, match-fixing and other forms of illegality at all levels of the Ghana FA, the Government of Ghana, was left with no choice than to enforce the domestic laws of Ghana to bring the operations of the Ghana FA to a halt.

« Ghana recognises the mandate of FIFA to administer football globally. Government of Ghana is not interested in interfering with the administration of football in the country.

« It is our understanding that FIFA remains committed to purging football administration in Ghana of corruption and related criminal conducts, which objective is in accordance with that of the Government of Ghana. »

The letter further stated that, « From the foregoing and the given totality of the circumstances, the GoG is desirous of further engagement with FIFA.

« We believe the GoG and FIFA should meet in the earliest convenience to explore a mutually acceptable route to achieve a common goal, » it added.

However, the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) is expected to engage government to prevent any possible suspension.

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