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Let’s unite our effort to protect the forest – MCE

  2 Juillet      48        Environnement/Eaux/Forêts (3092), Société (34378),


By Robert Tachie Menson, GNA

Accra, July 02, GNA – Mr. Iddrissa Ouattara, the Dormaa Central Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), has rallied people in the forest fringe communities to show ownership of these forests by working together with the state to save them.

He said it was in the interest of everybody that the forest and its resources were sustainably managed to protect biodiversity.

All should accept to cooperate and give strong support to the enforcement of laws and the implementation of programmes designed to promote their sustainable management.

He added that, the unrestrained activities of illegal chainsaw operators could not continue.

Mr. Quattara was speaking after a tour of the « Mpanso Forest Reserve » in the municipality to assess the level of destruction through illegal logging.

He was accompanied by officials of the Forest Services Division (FSD) of the Forestry Commission (FC).

This comes amid the rise in illegal extraction of timber in the municipality.

The MCE warned of an all out war against those engaged in the activity, saying, the security agencies would go after them.

They were determined to go to every length to stop the recklessness and impunity.

He said Ghana’s rich cultural practices and laws for protecting the environment needed to be enforced.

He made reference to recent extreme weather conditions – erratic rainfall pattern that was affecting agricultural productivity, and said it was the consequence of the continued degradation of the environment.

Illegally sawn lumber – « wawa » and red wood, left behind by fleeing chainsaw operators, were seized.


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