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Low COVID-19 adherence in Ada

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Big Ada, Aug 23, GNA-Residents in Ada East and West Districts of the Greater Accra Region have stopped observing the COVID-19 protocols, no Veronica buckets for hand washing, no hand sanitizers and total disregard for the wearing of nose masks.
During a tour by the Ghana News Agency to some of the fishing communities including; Azizanya, Otrokpeh, Ocansekorope, Anyakpor, Elavanyor, Puteh and Totope all in the Ada East district to observe the level of compliance, residents were noticed living a normal life.
Other coastal communities such as Kablevu, Lolonya, Goi, Anyamam, Akplabanya and Wokumagbeh all in the Ada West District are also not observing the COVID-19 protocols.
The youth were spotted playing cards, football or swimming in the seas without any precautions, while Traders were also undertaking their daily activities without any precautions and hardly will one see anyone with the nose masks even in the markets.
At the Lorry Stations GNA observed that drivers were no longer enforcing the no nose mask, no entry rules, and other protocols.
Some of the residents still expressed disbelief about the existence of COVID-19 and told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that even though they had seen on television the impact of the pandemic, their communities had not experienced it.
« Forget about COVID-19, I don’t think this virus still exists in Ghana. It is gone, » Mamle Tanihu a trader told the GNA.
Mr. Christian Longmatey said, « Look at how the politicians storm funeral grounds with their families and we watch all that on TV, do you think the leaders can deceive us?
Some of the institutions still observing the protocols includes: Ada East and West District Assemblies, where veronica buckets with soap and tissue papers have been placed at the entrances when GNA visited the premises with all staffs in nose masks.
There were extra nose masks which visitors are given to wear before entering the premises.
Schools in the districts were also following COVID-19 protocols except as most of the Senior High Schools in both Districts are strictly adhering to all the coronavirus safety protocols.

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