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Poor supervision, substandard materials cause fire outbreaks- Report

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Wa, March 09, GNA-A six-member committee setup to investigate the recent fire outbreaks at the Wa Islamic Senior High School has identified poor working attitude by supervising agencies as a factor resulting in fire disasters on government facilities.
The committee also identified the use of substandard materials by contractors in the construction of projects and the engagement of unqualified electricians to carry out electrical installation, as other factors contributing to the numerous fire outbreaks on government buildings.
Mr Martin Ayimadu, a representative from the Volta River Authority (VRA) and the Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCO) made these known when the Committee submitted its facts finding reports to Mr Amidu Chinnia, the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister in Wa.

He said supervision on government projects had become a problem because authorities mandated to monitor projects allowed poor structures to go unnoticed at the early stages to the finishing end while contractors just took monies away for poor work done.
“Supervising agencies must improve their supervisory roles to ensure that government projects are implemented according to specifications and where poor construction work is detected, the monitoring authorities must stop work and ensure that all mistakes corrected”, he pointed out.
“Those in charge of supervisions must work for the interest of the government and ensure that quality work is delivered. You don’t have to wait for the contractor to finish the job and go free with the tax payers monies”, he added.
Alhaji Dawud Baba Nuhu, a representative from the Ghana Education Service, hinted that there was a disputed land issue between Busa and Busa-Bihee with each of them claiming ownership of the land, where the school is located.
He tasked the Regional Coordinating Council to mediate and resolve the dispute amicably to allow a lasting peace to prevail between the two neighbouring communities.
ADOl, Alex Suleman, Wa Municipal Fire Officer, who was the Chairman of the Committee, said the committee interacted with a cross section of students and staff as well as carrying out its own investigations on the matter and gathered sufficient evidence, which was included in the report.
He said some recommendations were made and urged the authorities to adhere to them to avoid any closure of the school.
Mr Amidu Chinnia, the Deputy Minister, thanked the Committee for the good work done and said it was abnormal for the School to experience two fire outbreaks on two of its Girls’ Dormitories on January 17, and February 20 respectively.
He said the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) would study the recommendations and, where necessary it would ask the Ghana Education Service to write to heads of other schools that had similar challenges to implement them to help reduce the incidence of fire outbreaks.

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