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QoreID launched into the Ghanaian digital market

  30 Septembre      39        Entreprises (545), Technologie (1090),


Accra, Sept 30, GNA – A dedicated digital identity and consumer analytics solution company, QoreID has been launched into the Ghanaian market to offer consistent portfolio of services that will work to empower the financial sector.

The mission of the QoreID, a VerifyMe Company would focus on supporting growth within the Africa’s emerging digital and consumer credit economies including open banking, FinTech, digital and e-Commerce companies, insurance, and other legacy financial services.

Speaking in an interview with the media at the launch in Accra, Mr Esigie Aguele, the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company stated that QoreID was positioned to transform businesses across Africa and drive growth within key markets by making customer acquisition faster, more affordable, and more efficient.

“It will be supported by local and global best practices for security and compliance, making transactions less vulnerable to fraud, errors, and other risks.

Targeting the medium and large business segment of the economy, the QoreID will offer secure application programming interface (API) infrastructure that will connect businesses to trusted identities and critical customer data, Mr Aguele stated.

He said the company would provide solutions, to include real-time Identity verifications, business verification, financial profiling, fraud prevention, automated last-mile for Fintech, digital addressing and AI-Powered Authentication.

Other services are; alternative credit analytics, income and statement verification, marketplace data, real-time vehicle verification, asset verification, and identity authentication services such as liveness check, face matching, and identity document verification.

According to Aguele: « QoreID is simply a trusted data infrastructure to build businesses or products on.

“Many medium to large-scale companies spend valuable time and resources verifying customer information for KYC (Know Your Customer) or approving them for credit or other services.

“This slows down their business development efforts and may result in several lost opportunities. It also increases the risk of insider abuses.

He said: « With QoreID, businesses seeking to drive growth within key markets and enhance their overall customer experience can simply use our secure API hub or Software Development Kits (SDKs) to meet their business or regulatory requirements. »

Nana Amoako-Anin, a member of the board of Directors of the QoreID said: “QoreID’s entry into the Ghana market is about offering a consistent portfolio of services that will work to empower the financial sector and contribute to the tech ecosystem. I look forward seeing QoreID’s many dimensions take flight. »

She said the company, driven by a mission to grow Africa’s trust economy, was focused on supporting growth within the continent’s emerging digital and consumer credit economies, which include open banking, FinTech, digital and e-Commerce, insurance and other financial services.

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