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Reps. Gray, Snowe Submit Act To Set Up Liberia National Tourism Authority

  16 Février      151        Economie (20969),


MONROVIA, Feb 13 (LINA) – An Act seeking to establish “The Liberia National Tourism Authority” has been submitted to the House of Representatives by Montserrado County District #8 Representative, Acarous Moses Gray, and Bomi County District # 1 Representative, Edwin Melvin Snowe.

The Act seeks to serve as the principal government agency charged with the responsibility to encourage, promote, develop and regulate tourism asa major socio-economic activity to improve livelihoods, generate employment and revenue for Liberians.

Speaking when the Act was submitted to the plenary of the House of Representatives, one of the sponsors Representative Gray said when establish by law, the Liberia National Tourism Authority will promote a responsible and community-based tourism so that locals can enjoy as well as increase social benefits and an improved environment.

He added that it will also promote high standards in the tourism industry through trainings and human resource development.

According to Gray, the Act also seeks to promote and ensure the respect and dignity of people in the tourism industry in Liberia; develop tourism in Liberia and nurture local culture so that they enrich the tourism experience in Liberia and build pride in the tourism sector of the country.

Gray further indicated that, among other things, the proposed Liberia National Tourism Authority will attract foreign exchange in earningsfor the people and government as well as promote development and expansion of the tourism industry of the nation.

“Liberia as a Nation State is a potential hub in West Africa fortourism. Especially, looking at our historical foundation, looking at ournatural features that bring the attraction of our country, it is necessary forthis august body to ensure Liberia concentrate on tourism,” Rep. Gray said.

Gray lauded the Governance Commission, Ministry of Information,Cultural Affairs and Tourism and other stakeholders for being instrumental in helping to craft the bill, and welcome the idea that Liberia will have an Agency responsible for the tourism industry in the country.

Once established by law as the principal tourism implementing agency of the government, Gray indicated that it will promote the market and brand Liberia as an admirable tourist destination and will further create an improved Liberia image as a tourism attraction both domestically and internationally.

“The Act will involve local communities including, women, youth,vulnerable and minority groups in all stages of responsible tourism development, such as planning, decision-making, and implementation of tourism development strategies and activities. It will provide job opportunities forour people,” Gray explained.

He further said that the Act will ensure pro-poor, sustainable and responsible tourism in Liberia and will provide employment opportunities forevery Liberian.

Meanwhile, the communication was sent to the Committees on Judiciary and Information, Communication and Broadcasting to report in twoweeks

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