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Retired women’s footballers association inaugurated

  31 Octobre      47        Sport (7413),


By: Simon Asare, GNA

Accra, Oct. 31, GNA – The « Retired Women National Footballers Association of Ghana (RWONFAG), has been inaugurated in Accra.

The sole aim of the group, which has been in existence for four years, was to seek welfare of former female footballers in the country.

Madam Anita Wiredu Mintah, Secetary of RWONFAG, who delivered a speech on behalf of Mrs. Mercy Tagoe Quarcoo, President of RWONFAG, who is on national duty with the Black Queens in Zambia, said the formation of the association would help deal with pertinent issues confronting retired women footballers.

« Football has taken lots of young women off the streets and has given many others hope for better future, but some had to retire prematurely through injury or through our physiological make up as women. But we still have to contribute to women’s football in diverse ways.

« The main aim of RWONFAG is to make the life of retired women footballers better. Despite being in existence for four years, we feel it is right to officially make our activities known, » she said.

She said RWONFAG would also offer guidance and counseling to young players by educating them on how to invest for their retirement.

Mr. Ibrahim Sunday, an executive member of the Retired National Footballers Association, said former female footballers have been forgotten in the administration of women’s football despite the presence of illustrious players from the various female national teams.

Mr. Nat Laryea Representative of the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana, urged former footballers to prepare and position themselves well to help bring and open up more opportunities especially in football admistration.

Other members of the executive body of RWONFAG include Helene Wilson (Vice President), Diana Mills (Financial Secretary), Gifty Lartey (Public Relation Officer), Grace Lamptey (Organiser), Genevieve Clottey (Coordinator), Adwoa Bayor (Asst. Coordinator)



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