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Take Akwapim Poloo’s son from her-SWAG

  2 Juillet      62        Cinéma (292),


Tema, July 2, GNA – The Social Workers Association of Ghana (SWAG) has called for the immediate removal of the son of actress Miss Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akwapim Poloo from her for abusing his rights.

The actress, this week, released a picture on social media showing her squatting nakedly and holding the hand of his seven year old son who was only wearing a brief and standing infront of her as he celebrated his birthday.

SWAG, condemning the act, said “we recommend for immediate removal of the child from Akuapim Poloo to safe guard the child from further danger. We plead with the Department of Social Welfare, as a matter of urgency to find Alternative Care and Protection for the child in-question”.

They explained that the Children’s Act 560 of 1998 provided for maximum protection of children in need of care and protection adding that Akuapim Poloo’s behaviour was unwarranted and infringed on the rights of all children.

“Her illicit and indecent exposure in front of her own son is a clear sexual, moral and emotional abuse of the child’s right which may remain in the mind of the child for a long time if not treated can haunt the child for the rest of his life, ”they stated.

Such irresponsible behavior, SWAG noted, contravened the rights of the child and put not only her child but other children into psychological and sexual abuse.

Mr Divine A.K Exorgbe, National President of SWAG, said her behavior was sad and disheartening as one could not tell for how long such ‘irresponsible behaviour is being meted out to her child”.

Mr Exorgbe stressed that Akuapim Poloo should be compelled by law to undergo psychological diagnoses and treatment as well as training in parenting to shape her and protect the interest of her son and society as a whole.

They called for the involvement of all stakeholders in such issues to ensure the protection and promotion of the vulnerable in society especially children who needed care and protection.

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