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Three months old baby requires financial support to undergo surgery

  2 Février      24        Santé (10999),


Goripie, (UW/R), Feb. 02, GNA – A three-month-old baby, Adif Sumaila, at Goripie in the Wa East District, Upper West Region, is in dire need of GH₵12,900.00 to undergo a repair of Spinal Bafida and Insertion of VP Strunt.
The Repair of Spinal Bafida and Insertion of VP Strunt is estimated at GH₵11,700.00, and other auxiliary cost being the cost of medication estimated at GH₵1,000.00 and cost of laboratory tests estimated at GH₵200.00, according to a medical prescription form of little Adif cited by the Ghana News Agency (GNA).
Madam Nadrata Issahaku, the mother of the baby, told the GNA in an interview that she delivered the child with that condition at the Gorpie Clinic, but was referred to the Upper West Regional Hospital to seek for treatment for the child.
Mr Suleman Sumaila, the father of the baby, told the GNA that they were referred from the Regional Hospital to Tamale Teaching Hospital to seek treatment for the baby as the specialist to handle that case was not available at the facility.

“When I gave birth to the baby, this thing was there, we tried all our best but we couldn’t treat it. We went to the hospital in Wa and they asked us to go to Tamale Teaching Hospital but we could not get a treatment”, she explained.
“We were given a pen-drive at the Regional Hospital to send to the hospital in Tamale. The Doctor in Tamale looked at it and said they are to operate the spinal cord and the head and put something inside him.
“They gave us a week to do the operation but because of the money involved, we could not get it and came back to Wa”, he said.
According to him, they had already spent about GH₵6,000.00 on laboratory tests and therefore appealed to benevolent individuals and organisations to come to their aid to help get treatment for the child.

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